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eTELEMED 2015 in Lisbon

The Seventh International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED) was held on February 22 – 27  in Lisbon, Portugal. On the second day of the conference, I presented a paper written together with Piero Giacomelli: Managing Self-Management in Healthcare: from a Systemic Perspective, and the last day, I joined the panel discussion on Healthcare Platforms: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges; my talk was on different categories of self-management tools and the way they support self-management and empowerment. A nice conference with interesting presentations!


The photos are taken by conference participants.


eTELEMED 2014 in Barcelona

The Sixth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED) was held on March 23-27, this year in Barcelona. I participated in a panel on the first evening, on the topic self-management and new patient-healthcare relations. The same day I presented a paper written together with Piero Giacomelli: “The Eve of 3D Printing in Telemedicine: State of the Art and Future Challenges”, and, at the end of the conference, I had the opportunity to chair one of the sessions. The conference was really nice with many interesting research projects and results presented. We had also time to enjoy a fun evening with dinner and performance from local flamenco dancers. The conference atmosphere was very inspiring, and the participants showed great involvement. Thanks to all who made it such a nice conference event!

Information about the conference can be seen here.

eTELEMED 2012 in Valencia

January 30 – February 4, 2012, the Fourth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED) was held in Valencia, Spain.  Hélène Sandmark and I had a paper accepted, “Design of a Mobile Phone App Prototype for Reflections on Perceived Stress”. The paper introduces the design of a mobile phone app that is part of our research project on stress management online. I participated in the conference to present our paper, and also to take part in a panel discussion on the subject “Web 2.0 Valorization Toolkits to Increase the Uptake of eHealth Technologies”. The day after the conference, on Saturday the 4th, a guided tour in the Valencia community was on the agenda. We went to Guadelest, Altea, Benidorm and then back to the city of Valencia. Different landscapes and cultural, as well as futuristic, architectures were seen.

eHealth Conference 2011 in Malaga

Earlier this week, Nov. 21 – 23, I attended the 4th ICST International Conference on eHealth, held in Malaga, Spain, http://electronic-health.org/ Among its technical sponsors there were IEEE and Springer.

The conference covered a wide range of topics in the eHealth area. There were both researchers and industrial people, and also some physicians and other health professionals. We all joined to discuss how ICT can be used effectively to change health care and public health. Many interesting topics were raised, such as the use of SMS to alert on tsunamis, how to understand the role of twitter and facebook in eHealth contexts, ICT for increased patient-centered care, web portals for patients and health professionals, the role of media in informing the public about pandemics, web systems for preventive care, analysis of networks of interaction between people using mobile phones. And much more.

Hélène Sandmark and I had a paper accepted: “Web-Based Stress Management System Goes Mobile: Considerations of the Design of a Mobile Phone App”, a paper that I presented on the first day.

The conference atmosphere was very warm, and it encouraged us participants who came from many different countries and contexts to connect through our interest in eHealth. I look forward to coming eHealth ICST conferences.

Upcoming book on e-health communities

“E-Health Communities and Online Self-Help Groups: Applications and Usage” is the name of the book expected to be launched by IGI Global in October 2011. It is concerned with self-help groups and health issues of many different kinds, presented by authors from around the world. It covers self-help groups who struggle with health disorders, disabilities, lifestyle issues, and other health concerns. The book has recently entered the final stages of the production process.

More information can be found on the publisher’s web page where the book is announced.



In late February, I attended a conference on e-health, the eTELEMED 2011 conference, in Guadeloupe (France). The conference had many interesting presentations by researchers from around the world. I was especially glad to see that research on applications for lifestyle issues had come in focus.

My role at the conference was as committee member, keynote speaker and presenter of a paper.  The title of my keynote speech was “Web-based Health Communities for Self-help Groups” and it addressed theories, research and recent applications in the field. A great inspiration for the speech was all interesting projects presented in the forthcoming book on e-health communities that I am editing. I also reflected some upon how to make analysis of e-health communities based on my previous research. All keynotes are collected at the speech site.

Keynote speech on Feb. 26, 2011

The paper presented was entitled “Stress Intervention Online – Designing for Self-help through Multiple Help” written together with Hélène Sandmark, physiotherapist and associate prof. in medicine. It was awarded as one of the top papers.


mHealth Summit 2010

In November 2010, a conference on mHealth was held in Washington DC (Nov 8-10). Policy makers, company representatives, technical people, health professionals and people from the academia came together for presentations, expert panels, networking and sharing of experiences. Different mHealth services and products were introduced, and trends in mobility and mobile applications were discussed.

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