In late February, I attended a conference on e-health, the eTELEMED 2011 conference, in Guadeloupe (France). The conference had many interesting presentations by researchers from around the world. I was especially glad to see that research on applications for lifestyle issues had come in focus.

My role at the conference was as committee member, keynote speaker and presenter of a paper.  The title of my keynote speech was “Web-based Health Communities for Self-help Groups” and it addressed theories, research and recent applications in the field. A great inspiration for the speech was all interesting projects presented in the forthcoming book on e-health communities that I am editing. I also reflected some upon how to make analysis of e-health communities based on my previous research. All keynotes are collected at the speech site.

Keynote speech on Feb. 26, 2011

The paper presented was entitled “Stress Intervention Online – Designing for Self-help through Multiple Help” written together with Hélène Sandmark, physiotherapist and associate prof. in medicine. It was awarded as one of the top papers.