Earlier this week, Nov. 21 – 23, I attended the 4th ICST International Conference on eHealth, held in Malaga, Spain, http://electronic-health.org/ Among its technical sponsors there were IEEE and Springer.

The conference covered a wide range of topics in the eHealth area. There were both researchers and industrial people, and also some physicians and other health professionals. We all joined to discuss how ICT can be used effectively to change health care and public health. Many interesting topics were raised, such as the use of SMS to alert on tsunamis, how to understand the role of twitter and facebook in eHealth contexts, ICT for increased patient-centered care, web portals for patients and health professionals, the role of media in informing the public about pandemics, web systems for preventive care, analysis of networks of interaction between people using mobile phones. And much more.

Hélène Sandmark and I had a paper accepted: “Web-Based Stress Management System Goes Mobile: Considerations of the Design of a Mobile Phone App”, a paper that I presented on the first day.

The conference atmosphere was very warm, and it encouraged us participants who came from many different countries and contexts to connect through our interest in eHealth. I look forward to coming eHealth ICST conferences.